Careers Expo

On the 11th of October, the Senior VCAL girls of 2019 Organised the Inaugural TAFE and VCAL Careers Expo. The day entailed of Representatives from different TAFES and Universities who spoke about the different pathways available in VET and after school.

The event is specifically designed for the Year 10 students were very fortunate to have guests such as Dianna Nguyen, a former Killester student who is now an actor and has her own web series called PhiandMe. She spoke about pursuing our passion with gusto, persistence, networking and hard work are important things to become successful in life and how being brought up Asian in Australia has its challenges especially in choosing career paths.

Peter Hitchener, a well-loved television presenter from Chanel 9 gave everyone the words of wisdom to the graduation class of 2019. He emphasized on being resilient and taking time to care for ourselves. Lastly, Melanie Angeloupolous, former Killester VCAL Student from Class 2015, shared her experience while doing VCAL and why it was the best option for her and led her to be successful now in her chosen career.

All in all, the Careers Expo was a great learning experience and a great opportunity for VCAL girls to showcase their skills and experience in choosing this pathway. #KillesterSpringvale