Year 7 Camp – 2020

@KillesterSpringvale Year 7 Camp going extremely well. Some welcome sunshine this afternoon, indoor activities where the students created words with a “Killester theme”, yummy dinner and preparation for Killester Idol tonight. Great fun being had by all!

Dux for 2019

Congratulations to the Dux for 2019 – Cynthian Thai, who achieved an ATAR of 96.65 and has accepted an offer for Engineering (Honours) at Monash University.

Also, Congratulations to our 2019 high achievers Good job girls! 🤗👩‍🎓🤗👩‍🎓🤗 #KillesterSpringvale


My First Week at Killester – Student Reflections (2)

After my nerves, anxiety and trepidations settled on the first day I was ready to start. When I had my first class I was so nervous, but as soon as I walked in the door all the nerves went away because all the teachers and students were so welcoming. It felt like I was at home. By the time I finished my classes it felt like I had been there for some time.

Mia Curtis – Year 7 #KillesterSpringvale

My First Week at Killester – Student Reflections (1)

On our first day of the week, it was challenging because it was a new system to learn and we didn’t know anyone, but we soon made friends thanks to the orientation day. We started to get more comfortable at Killester. Our lessons were great with no homework. We were just getting to know our teachers and our new classmates. And finally, on the 5th of February, we all got our new MacBooks which were the color orange. We learned how to email and access the student portal. Overall it has been an awesome week and we all look forward to the rest of our years at Killester.

Dona Thoppil – Year 7 #KillesterSpringvale