Visual Arts and Technology Exhibition

‘INTO THE JUNGLE’ was the theme for our amazing 2019 ‘Arts & Technology Exhibition’ held from 18th to 20th October this year. The exhibition was a great success and celebration of Visual Arts & Technology.

It was wonderful for the Killester College community, families and friends to be able to admire the fabulous work of our creative students. The work was showcased in Kennedy Hall among a jungle environment, which was enhanced by the lively music of the Jazz Band and Year 9 Choir.

Delicious food and beverages were prepared and served by our VET Hospitality students and the Fashion Show was another highlight of the evening… #KillesterSpringvale 💃☺️


Year 11 Surfing Day

On the 23rd of October, the Yr 11 PE and Sport and Recreation class travelled to Smith Beach in Phillip Island to learn how to surf. After an hour and a half on the bus, we arrived at their local surf shop to put on our wetsuits, grab our surfboards and learned about the dangers of rips and currents and the importance of staying in between the red and yellow flags. We were lucky enough to have encountered such a beautiful day, where the girls were able to enjoy themselves at the beach.

Arriving onto the sand, we had several talented surf instructors teach us the basics of surfing. The instructors taught us how to enter the water with our surfboards, techniques on how to paddle and overcome an oncoming wave, and the most exciting part, standing up on the surfboard. #KillesterSpringvale🌊☀️
It was a day that many of us won’t forget!

Jacqueline Le, Year 11 Student

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Business Tycoon

The experience of running and being apart of business was thrilling. We were able to obtain many skills and understand the significant aspects of a business and how running a business pushes us to be organised, collected, and cooperative. 😅

We learned that running a business can be tough and at times quite chaotic but the thrill of standing in front of a stall and watching as customers came flooding in to see what we were selling was worth all the effort. Through our experience as business entrepreneurs we can surmise that the key to a successful business is not just money and competition, but the passions and friendships that we were able to make and share as we created our business.

We believe that if it was the willingness to cooperate and be apart of a team that made up at least 50% of our success.

Year 9 Business Tycoon Students #KillesterSpringvale


Careers Expo

On the 11th of October, the Senior VCAL girls of 2019 Organised the Inaugural TAFE and VCAL Careers Expo. The day entailed of Representatives from different TAFES and Universities who spoke about the different pathways available in VET and after school.

The event is specifically designed for the Year 10 students were very fortunate to have guests such as Dianna Nguyen, a former Killester student who is now an actor and has her own web series called PhiandMe. She spoke about pursuing our passion with gusto, persistence, networking and hard work are important things to become successful in life and how being brought up Asian in Australia has its challenges especially in choosing career paths.

Peter Hitchener, a well-loved television presenter from Chanel 9 gave everyone the words of wisdom to the graduation class of 2019. He emphasized on being resilient and taking time to care for ourselves. Lastly, Melanie Angeloupolous, former Killester VCAL Student from Class 2015, shared her experience while doing VCAL and why it was the best option for her and led her to be successful now in her chosen career.

All in all, the Careers Expo was a great learning experience and a great opportunity for VCAL girls to showcase their skills and experience in choosing this pathway. #KillesterSpringvale


On 13th September 2019, the VCAL made tie dye t-shirts as products to raise funds for ‘R U OK DAY’. We made around 50 shirts and tie-dyed them on Tuesday
10th September. The whole class helped out and decided to tie-dye white and black shirts.
We were able to sell the t-shirts at lunch and we also sold some of the original R U OK DAY balloons for a $1. We ended up raising $53. Funds raises have donated the money to R U OK organisation.

Christine Nabalarua
VCAL Intermediate Student


Language Perfect World Championships 2019

Congratulations to all the participants in the Language Perfect World Championships 2019!!

We achieved 4th place overall in the world

We achieved 3rd overall in Australia

We achieved 2nd overall in Victoria

We achieved 1st overall for Indonesian

We achieved 2nd overall for Italian

We achieved 1st overall for Indonesian & Italian in Victoria


Food Aids

On Sunday 1st September, we had a fantastic day at the Tech Girl Superhero showcase in Hawthorn.

Over 700 hundred girls from Australia and New Zealand entered the competition, and Killester received the Highly Commended team award in the Victorian division!

Well done to Leean Miranda, Sylvia Griffin, Lorraine Becker, Alina Le and Kaitlin Nguyen for their outstanding work in STEM.🤩😁🧪 #KillesterSpringvale



2019 Science Week

Killester joined in the celebration of the National Science Week last week. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

It also coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Periodic table created by Dimitri Mendeleev.

The UN therefore declared 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. With the school theme for the National Science Week being ‘Destination Moon: more missions, more science’, various activities were organised for our students to inspire them about space science in particular, and how science influences the world around us in general. #KillesterSpringvale


SCSA Soccer 2019

On Tuesday the 20th of August, three teams consisting of junior, intermediate and senior girls ventured out to Darebin to compete in the SCSA soccer competition. This year we were placed in Division 1 which proved to be a challenge for the girls as the large talent pool from each school was displayed in every game.😁

Our intermediate team continued their amazing form, progressing into a competitive grand final match which they had won after a penalty shootout! Congratulations also to Isabella Diaco who was voted MVP of the match!

Jessica Nguyen, Senior Soccer First XI Coach #KillesterSpringvale