SCSA Aerobics

The Year 7s started off the competition with their big smiles and high energy, they placed 1st! Well done Year 7s!😁 #KillesterSpringvale

Year 7 team came 1st!
Year 9 & 10 Level 2 Team came 2nd 
Year 8-12 Level 2 team came 3rd
and Year 9-12 Level 3 team came 5th





SCSA Volleyball

On Monday the 29th of July we took six teams to compete in Division 1 SCSA Volleyball competition at MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre). As soon as we arrived at the venue, the enthusiasm of the girls could be felt. They immediately started digging and setting in their teams, warming up in preparation for a big day of volleyball. On the day, most teams played five games; six if you made the grand final match. The schools we played against on Monday were: Santa Maria, Academy, Presentation College, Mater Christi and Avila. The girls played exceptionally well, encouraging each other and chasing down every ball. We were so proud of the sportsmanship our girls displayed throughout the day, they always humble in victory and gracious in defeat. 🥳

The final placings for the day were:

Senior B – 1st
Inter A – 5th
Inter B – 3rd
Junior A – 4th
Junior B – 3rd
Junior C – 3rd

Rebecca Roberts, Sports Learning Area Leader


My Goal

Hello, my name is Cilia Tran and I am in St Maria Goretti. On the school holidays, I had a great opportunity to swim in another country. I’m very blessed and beyond happy that I was given and chosen to take this opportunity. I fell in love with swimming when I was six years old. When I was younger I would always imagine myself swimming in the Olympics and I still do. I swim mainly every Friday (sometimes more) and I still strive to achieve that goal. I personally love swimming, I think it relieves all my stress and anxiety especially about math homework.

Cilia Tran Year 7 St Maria Goretti



During term 2, the Year 9 Killester students have been provided with the amazing opportunity to “skip” some classes, in order to participate in the wonderful SCIP program. SCIP is a program that allows Killester students to venture out into the local area to give back to the community. Some Killester students went to an aged care facility and spent time talking to and learning about the numerous residents that reside there. We even entertained them by playing games with them or singing or playing instruments for them. Other students went to schools/disability schools to assist the teachers and to interact with and entertain the students and to learn about their daily lives. Doing so, we learnt about how lucky we are to be in the position we are in today. We got to make a small difference in people’s lives and were given the opportunity to spread happiness around the local community, which was an incredible experience! Thank you to all of the teachers and Ralph for making this possible!

Article: Leah Cashman (St. Francis), Photographs: Tiahna Nickels (St Barbara)


Dear Parents and Friends,

It has been an absolute privilege to begin my first week as the Principal of Killester and I am so very grateful to the staff and students who have made me feel so welcome, reflecting in action our theme this year of hospitality.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to Ms Leanne Di Stefano who was so gracious and generous with her time and wisdom, and I can only hope that the work we continue reflects the outstanding example she gave as a leader who truly gave witnesses to the teachings of Jesus and the values of a Brigidine Education.

Sally Buick, Principal

Access Monash Activity: Year 11 Uniopoly

On Thursday, July 18th during their Homeroom period, all the Year 11 students participated in the Access Monash run Uniopoly. After a few technical hiccups, the students took part in teams of about 6 in an interactive game related to university. The teams took turns rolling a large colourful dice, each colour representing a different set of questions about university life. The question categories included: surviving VCE, SEAS, transitioning and applying to University, costs involved with post-school study and other random questions. The Access Monash Mentors also spoke of their own experiences. Hopefully, this provided the Year 11 students with some insight into the university path that might lie ahead for them.

Megan Larritt, Careers


St. Vincent de Paul

A big thank-you to the Killester Community this term! Staff and Students! The St Vincent’s de Paul Committee have visited St. Joseph’s Parish on Monday. We have assisted Sr Mary with the organisation of the food and donated items. The food bank is now very full and overflowing!! Thank-you everyone for your generosity with your donations this year!!🍞🍳🍔🍚🍛

Lynn Diep & Daisy Tucker, St. Vincent de Paul Leader

Lab Skills Excursion

On the 18th of June 2019, Year 11 Lab Skills class went on an excursion to the Yakult factory. We observed how Yakult was made, managed, packaged and delivered. Our tour guide Perry informed the Year 11’s about the bacteria used in Yakult from Japan discovered by Minoru Shirota called lactobacillus casei Shirota. He discovered it in 1930 as a solution to improve the health of the citizens during wartime.

This excursion was carried out because the students wanted to observe the factory process of production lines and see the types of testings used in the laboratory. The Year 11’s learnt that Yakult contains 6.5 billion bacteria and that Yakult also produces skincare products after accidentally discovering that the workers who originally cleaned the glass bottles containing Yakult had amazingly soft hands. We learnt how they differentiated the original Yakult from the light version Yakult. The original Yakult contains sugar whereas the light Yakult contains a natural plant-based sweetener called stevia. The light Yakult contains 30% less sugar than the original. Overall, the students enjoyed the excursion and got to try Yakult.

Monique Delcastegne – Year 11
Mandy Quach – Year 11