The Sound of Music

This year the bi-annual Killester production is everyone’s favourite, “The Sound of Music”, at The Drum theatre 26 – 28 July.

The students have been rehearsing all year, the singing is wonderful, sets are fantastic and its going to be a great show.
Tickets are on sale now via The Drum (see flyer). This will likely sell out, so get in early!…/’the%20sound%2…/events

City Of Mt Gambier Stage Band 2018

KC STAGE BAND  – 1st Place, Section 4.3 Generations in Jazz


The KC Stage Band had been rehearsing since last November for the Generations in Jazz Stage Band competition in Mount Gambier, South Australia. This was the first time we had entered a competition like this and excitement was high as we left Killester College at 6:30 am headed for Mount Gambier.  We were slightly less excited when we realized we had left the baritone saxophone behind. With Ralph Wellington behind the wheel the detour was made quickly and we were on our way.

This competition is enormous. It has been going for 30 years under the guidance of James Morrison, jazz trumpeter extraordinaire. Mr. Hickey took a band to this competition 25 years ago and there was 300 students there. There were over 5000 student musicians all gathered together to perform and listen to jazz last weekend.

We were given a taste of jazz royalty on the Friday night concert when Patti Austin sang in front of an all star stage band made up of professional players and some of the adjudicators for the weekend. Our girls were introduced to musicians such as Shannon Barnett, a female trombone player who now resides and performs in Germany, Matt Jodrell who lectures at the Julliard School of Music in New York as well as Patti herself who has recorded with a lot of the great jazz musicians from America. She charmed everyone in the tent with her stories and dazzled us with her musicality.

Saturday was competition day and the KC Stage Band did not disappoint. In their first performance at GIJ they performed really solidly. All the work they had done in preparation came to the fore as they performed as a team. They should all be very proud of the individual work they did as well as the work in their instrument sections. It was great to stand in front of a band that was in control of what they were doing.

The Saturday night concert was a celebration for all students at GIJ. The jazz /fusion /party band, The Cat Empire performed and the tent, with 6000 people in it, absolutely erupted. Ms Di Stefano and her brother Mark were seen dancing on the chairs in the main section of the tent (actually I just made this up but they did have a good time). Five of the members of this band all came to GIJ in their school bands years before.

Sunday saw the awards ceremony and this is where the excitement really began.  They announced the place-getters in section 4.3 of the competition and Killester  College placed first!  It was 90 minutes before we could get out of the tent to celebrate but needless to say excitement was high.

A big thanks to Mr. Ralph Wellington for getting us there and back again safely. Thanks also to Ms. Bhatt and Ms. Addis for their work over the weekend and in the past twelve years before this. Thanks also to the Turone family for their generous donation to help all of us get the competition. Thanks to Ms. Di Stefano, Ms. Canon, Ms Rotunno and all the office staff for their support in getting all the administration done. This marks an exciting time for the Music Department. Our girls are just starting to realize how big the world of music is and how much fun it is to participate at a high level. Our mantra

has been “the pain of discipline is less than the pain of disappointment”.  The KC Stage Band did not disappoint on the weekend.




Harmony Day

Harmony Day🎉🎏🎋 #KillesterSpringvale

Dear Parents and Friends,

Harmony Day, a celebration of cultures, took place on Wednesday this week and many girls took the opportunity to wear traditional dress. It was a colourful sight at lunchtime when we held a parade of costumes in the yard. Harmony Day has been a community celebration for many years and as the name suggest, it seeks to promote respect and welcome of all migrants to Australia.

Its focus is on the human story of migration and appreciation of how each culture contributes to the rich fabric of our country. In the political debate, the individual human story of asylum seekers can often get lost. This has been an ongoing challenge for Australia and on Palm Sunday, this weekend, a rally will be held in Melbourne calling for a more humane response to the treatment of asylum seekers in detention. You and your family may want to attend this. Some of our senior students in Justice and Democracy will be going to join other Kildare Education Ministries schools on the day.

Killester College Community 


Year 12 Retreat, 2018🤗🏖️

Year 12 Retreat, 2018🤗🏖🤗 #KillesterSpringvale

Six weeks into our final year of high school and the stresses and eventfulness of Year 12 has finally hit us, so the Year 12 cohort were looking forward to, and deserved, a week to relax, meditate, de-stress and spend quality time with our year level on the Retreat. After the three hour bus trip to Daylesford, we arrived at Rutherford Park, where we toured the place and quickly settled into our cabins. We then split into groups to participate in activities such as laughing yoga, meditation and tai chi sessions. After that we split into discussion groups of twelve, along with a teacher, allowing us to talk to girls we do not normally talk to and discuss different parts of our lives. This allowed us to communicate and support other girls in our year level and gather their opinions on certain issues and stresses that we face daily with Year 12, as well as providing a safe, judgement free group to really open up and come outside of our comfort zones.

That night we showcased our incredible fashion skills in the annual newspaper fashion show, where we saw some creative designs and diverse ideas. However the fashion show wasn’t all fun and games, it was about expressing our individuality and uniqueness, as well as working as a team and cooperating to portray ideas from all members of our group.

On the second day, we continued our discussion groups and had our year level liturgy, where we really came together as a cohort. Throughout the liturgy we prayed together, listened to and watched gospels and scriptures which were dramatized by the girls, and performed the sign of peace to one another through the trading of friendship bracelets, which were earlier prepared by some of the discussion groups. We also sang songs together, which definitely solidified our closeness as a year level and highlighted the care, love and friendship we have for each other.

But Retreat was not all about channeling our biblical beliefs and religiousness, it was about coming together and bonding as a year level, reaching outside our comfort zones and refreshing our mind and soul for the year ahead and beyond. So with the endless supply of green cordial, good food and quality time with our peers, retreat was a great success for all those who attended.

We would once again like to thank Mr O’Neill, Ms Lawson and all of the other teachers who took the time out of their busy schedules and lives to come with us on retreat and helped make it the great experience it was. Year 12 Retreat is an opportunity to form and strengthen the bond between friendships and with God. It is definitely one of the highlights of high school we will remember it once we begin our journey outside the gates of KC.

Isabella Jenkins, Cylina Tran and Karina Diaz, Year 12

Year 7 Orientation Camp😎🤣

Year 7 Orientation Camp😎🤣 #KillesterSpringvale

It was the day everyone had been waiting for, the Orientation camp. We hopped on the bus for two whole hours, laughing and joking around with our fellow peers. After two hours, we finally arrived at our first destination, the wildlife park, where we got to witness many native animals such as Emus, Wallabies, Kangaroos with Baby joeys, Cassowaries and the Wombat. The majority of girls had a phobia of being chased by an emu when they entered through the gates of the exhibit. After wandering around the wildlife park we had to go on the bus to our next destination, the beach.

We arrived at Cowes beach and had time to cool off in the cool water, splashing and wetting each other. We had so much fun interacting with classmates that we have never talked to or met. Time went so quickly that we soon had to leave the water. After getting out of the water most of the Year 7s participated in the sandcastle competition and girls were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. After the teachers announced the winners we walked back to our third and final destination, CYC camp.

When we arrived the staff members greeted us with a warm welcome and some rules. After, we went to our cabins and unpacked and got ready for our first activity. All of the Year 7s enjoyed their activities and thought it was a great way to end the day before dinner. We then moved to the dining room and smelt a delicious dinner. We got called up table by table to receive our scrumptious meal and we loved the Roast chicken and chips.  –

St Maria Goretti 2018 – Sienna Wilson and Meryam Al Sammarray

2018 Swimming Carnival

2018 Swimming Carnival #KillesterSpringvale

Final scores:

Romero – 1841

Mackillop – 1741

Brigid – 1491

Chisholm – 1468

A special congratulations goes to our year level champions – fantastic effort girls!

Year 7 – Mitsuki Otaka

Year 8 – Lorraine Becker

Year 9 – Nikki Hoang

Year 10 – Mandy Lei

Year 11 – Bethany Forster

Year 12 – Bridget Rae