Lab Skills Excursion

On the 18th of June 2019, Year 11 Lab Skills class went on an excursion to the Yakult factory. We observed how Yakult was made, managed, packaged and delivered. Our tour guide Perry informed the Year 11’s about the bacteria used in Yakult from Japan discovered by Minoru Shirota called lactobacillus casei Shirota. He discovered it in 1930 as a solution to improve the health of the citizens during wartime.

This excursion was carried out because the students wanted to observe the factory process of production lines and see the types of testings used in the laboratory. The Year 11’s learnt that Yakult contains 6.5 billion bacteria and that Yakult also produces skincare products after accidentally discovering that the workers who originally cleaned the glass bottles containing Yakult had amazingly soft hands. We learnt how they differentiated the original Yakult from the light version Yakult. The original Yakult contains sugar whereas the light Yakult contains a natural plant-based sweetener called stevia. The light Yakult contains 30% less sugar than the original. Overall, the students enjoyed the excursion and got to try Yakult.

Monique Delcastegne – Year 11
Mandy Quach – Year 11