Project Gen Z

Project Gen Z who helped us develop a business and they got us to work hard and to step out of our comfort zones. It was an opportunity to further develop our business ideas and initiatives. In groups, we created a presentation and a short film about our business. We were given a strict time frame to complete this. Business ideas included a cookie business, a beauty product, a quiz and a cupcake business.

We all spread out in our groups in different sections of the school to develop these businesses. After we had finished we all had to come back as a class and we were told that there were winners. Liz, Paris and the teachers voted and chose the best group and they received a prize and a certificate.

To my surprise, the overall individual winner was “me”. Liz and Paris thought I had the most potential, hard working, dedication and the ability to be successful throughout my life.

Project Gen Z left Killester at lunchtime leaving the VCAL class with a valuable learning experience enjoyed by all. I would like to thank Project Gen Z and all of my VCAL teachers for the opportunity.

Gemma Nicolaci,
Year 11 VCAL, St Clare