During term 2, the Year 9 Killester students have been provided with the amazing opportunity to “skip” some classes, in order to participate in the wonderful SCIP program. SCIP is a program that allows Killester students to venture out into the local area to give back to the community. Some Killester students went to an aged care facility and spent time talking to and learning about the numerous residents that reside there. We even entertained them by playing games with them or singing or playing instruments for them. Other students went to schools/disability schools to assist the teachers and to interact with and entertain the students and to learn about their daily lives. Doing so, we learnt about how lucky we are to be in the position we are in today. We got to make a small difference in people’s lives and were given the opportunity to spread happiness around the local community, which was an incredible experience! Thank you to all of the teachers and Ralph for making this possible!

Article: Leah Cashman (St. Francis), Photographs: Tiahna Nickels (St Barbara)