Staff Reflection

Penny Curtis (Killester Staff Member)


Two years ago, my then nine year old daughter, went on the MOST amazing night of her life – A Taylor Swift concert.  She went with one adult and six friends.  The joy I saw on her face when she got home, the consistent unrelenting five day rant about how amazing the concert was, truly made me so happy, knowing she had an experience any little girl or teenager would dare to dream of.


Fast forward two years, and there were many young, excited, ecstatic girls, going to an Ariana Grande concert the other night.  Many, were able to go home to ‘beam’ to their parents, family or friends about their unbelievable experience.  Respectfully and extremely sorrowfully, many young girls haven’t had the chance to ‘blab’ or ‘gloat’ about their night.  They are injured or no longer with us.


A young Yr7 Killester girl mentioned to me yesterday, that she is considering NOT going to Ariana Grande’s concert in September now, as she is so very worried she will not be safe.


That breaks my heart.  Quietly, the terrorists are creeping their way into our innocent, young, hopeful community.  And it’s just not fair!!!!


In this year of ‘Encourage the Courage’, we need to remind our young, enthusiastic community, that we ALL have a place to exist. That we all have a right to express our feelings, our love of and for our interests. The right to be independent and free to explore life, in the measure that best suits ‘US’ whether it be exploring music, dance, drama, literature, science, maths, religion, each other.


May we take this time to reassure our young ladies and each other that together we are strong.  Not only in ourselves, but super strong as a Killester community.


Let us as teachers and mentors reassure our beautiful students, that they are safe and valued. But let us also reassure them that together we can try to continue (with the rest of the world) to educate each and every one of our girls and our community, that there is very LITTLE tolerance for severe violence, exclusion and impatience in any aspect of our existence.