Student Leadership











2018 Leaders:

  • Year 12– Isabella Jenkins
  • Year 11– Sarah Lui

2018 Representatives:

  • Year 12- Abigail Bartha
  • Year 11- Southraska Na
  • Year 10- Martina Charoensak, Mariah Rodrigues
  • Year 9-  Sarah Pachi, Linda Nguyen
  • Year 8-  Belinda Morales, Melinda Lao
  • Year 7-  Mercedes Docanto, Vanessa Lin

Our goal as the Arts Committee of Killester College is to promote all the aspects of art, such as drama, fine art, music, visual communication and design technology within the Killester community. In an endeavour to achieve our aim, we meet together every week to organise various activities for the students to participate in. In order to involve the Killester community, we have established an Arts Committee on social media (Instagram) to keep the students updated and connected with the work of the Arts Committee.

With a clear mind set of inspiring students in every aspect of the creative arts, we encourage students to participate in our fun and exciting activities throughout the year.

Our plan for 2017 is to get the students to get in touch with their creative sides by involving themselves in our committee activities we organise. We plan on doing a musical performance from girls in different year levels on Harmony Day to celebrate cultural diversity and promote the beauty of all the different cultures. In the previous years we have had ballet performances, classical Irish dances, harmonious singing performances, Vietnamese dances and more. It is a time of great unity within the community as we celebrate and learn about each others cultural background.

During our Arts week, we have held a jam session sold popcorn for charity, held expressive chalk drawing sessions, photo competition and a “funky sock” day.











2018 Leaders:

  • Year 12: Sandy Thai
  • Year 11: Ageliki Arkoudis

2018 Representatives:

  • Year 12- Erin Furlong
  • Year 11- Dora Tran
  • Year 10- Nikki Uluak, Julia Tran
  • Year 9- Vivian Tran, Anna Eam
  • Year 8- Delta Le, Ruby Cain
  • Year 7- Andrea Thomas, Mila Cvetkoski

We aim to carry on past traditions as well as introduce new activities to the school community to help everyone celebrate and raise money for our school charities. Celebrations events during the school year include Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Xmas in July, Father’s Day and of course Brigidine Day.

Our main goal is to bring the school community closer together by supporting our events and organise activities that will promote a joyous and grateful attitude towards every day.

We, as a committee wish to fulfil our responsibilities as leaders of the school by helping to organise school liturgies and celebrations, as well as attending meetings and staying organised as a part of our role.

We hope to successfully host our events in order to create a fantastic school year, full of memories and leadership experience that we are able to cherish for the rest of our lives. We hope to give back to the school community as well as have plenty of fun!

Community Service










2018 Leaders:

  • Year 12: Martina Duong
  • Year 11: Veronica Maroun

2018 Representatives:

  • Year 12- Nina Nguyen
  • Year 11- Kiana Byrnes
  • Year 10- Dzung Truong, Leean Miranda
  • Year 9- Rebecca Abela, Ella Pollard
  • Year 8- Leah Cashman, Amy Nguyen
  • Year 7- Sienna Wilson, Angel Truong

The Community Service Committee aims to raise awareness and support our local, national and global communities by making positive contributions.  Our main goals are to fundraise for those in need.  We are currently providing support for our sponsored child “Lyka” in Cambodia.

Every Tuesday we meet with all representatives from Years 7-12 to discuss and share our ideas.This year we have organised activities that include selling ANZAC biscuits to commemorate ANZAC Day, organised a positive message board for the whole school and we have plans to introduce wristbands displaying our school theme for 2017 “Encourage Courage”












2018 Leaders:

  • Year 12: Karina Diaz
  • Year 11: Lisa Tran

2018 Representatives:

  • Year 12- Katie Vien
  • Year 11- Olivia Dempsey
  • Year 10- Olivia Walmaggia, Christine Nabalaura
  • Year 9- Charlene Nheu, Jenny Nguyen
  • Year 8- Sienna Quinn, Cheyenne Anthony
  • Year 7- Charlotte Fox, Ruby Hammerstein-D’Atri

The Sports Committee have been working hard meeting every Tuesday to discuss and plan projects that promote physical activity and healthy habits.  The school swimming and athletics carnivals offered opportunities for students to participate, be active and to support their House.  The Sports Committee supported these events by selling smoothies and adding colour with face painting and coloured hairspray.

Our annual Sports Week celebrates the joy of actively participating through a series of events such as Zumba, Staff v. Student Netball, Two-square competitions and healthy pizzas.

Student Council











2018 Leaders:

  • Year 12: Tasneem Usman
  • Year 11: Sneha Rajackal Senthilvel

2018 Representatives:

  • Year 12- Cylina Tran
  • Year 11- Stephanie Nguyen
  • Year 10- Cheska Yalung, Hang Thi Nguyen
  • Year 9- Emerald Nguyen, Stephanie Lai
  • Year 8- Nandira Xavier, Lucinda Tran
  • Year 7- Natalie Te, Lina Le

As the voice of the Killester student body, the Student Representative Council Committee strive to motivate the Killester community to express their concerns regardless of subject, be it within the school or individual year levels. As a collective body, and with the assistance and involvement of the school staff, we pledge to strengthen Killester as a school and as a community. Through the legacy of previous Student Council leaders as well as the generation of new innovative ideas from new members, we continue to play a hand in the the development of the Killester student body through past successful activities. Our weekly meetings are home to many ideas, event plans, and discussions of any current concerns that have been raised within the Killester community.

The committee is also an active player in organising events with other student committee teams with events like Harmony Day, Multicultural Week, as well as the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, to emphasise the importance of being a part of a team and the bond of sisterhood.

With the new recruits of 2017, we plan to draw on new ideas and create new projects to further promote and improve the whole school community. We intend to further involve the student’s participation in all our decision making to make sure the voice of the student is properly represented and to help maintain a sociable and harmonious environment worthy of any Killester student.


Student Services