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Science & ICT Projects


This project invites students to discover how to make some basic beauty products such as cleansers, cold cream and lip glosses. As well, you will learn the history of soap and soap-making and the chemical explanation of emulsions, which is a fancy name for soap and detergents. The biology of the skin will be investigated in order to determine whether those ‘wonder’ cosmetics will really reverse the ageing process.

Consumer awareness will also form an important component of the course and you will be required to investigate a beauty product of your choice in terms of quality, cost and the impact of advertising on its desirability and usefulness.


Micro-organisms are everywhere but we can’t see them. They make us sick but we can’t live without them. Microbes are an integral ingredient in this planet’s ecosystem, but we understand so little about them. Most of us think of microbes as disease-causing germs if we think about them at all. Yet those who study this mysterious, silent, invisible world know that the creatures that populate it do far more good than harm. During this project, you will have the opportunity to investigate the different kinds of microbes and how they can be identified in the laboratory. A number of practical activities will be conducted and you will gain a greater understanding about these organisms and how our bodies ‘fight them off’ as well as appreciate all the good that they do for us! Are you ready to solve the problem?


During this project you will use the iMac suite to:
• use iMovie to create movies – perhaps a video clip to your favourite song, or a short film starring you and your friends. Add titles and transitions, add a soundtrack, then distribute the film to your family and friends to view on their iPods, iPhones, computers or TVs, or maybe even over the web.
• use GarageBand to record audio - build a beat with the included loops, then play the included guitar, bass, piano or other instruments. You can even play (or sing) into the mic on your Mac. GarageBand captures the audio and turns it into digital files you can manipulate using a host of recording and mixing tools. It also includes the expertise of a built-in recording engineer, so you always sound your best.
• create podcasts or vodcasts using the built in Mac software, then distribute to your friends. Learn how to record and edit audio tracks, adding sound effects and saving in the right format for your portable devices.

Multimedia on the iMac - limited only by your imagination!


Are the materials used to make our clothes we wear today better than they were years ago? Have they changed for the better or just for the easiest /cheapest?

This is a project that looks at where materials have come from, how they have been processed, and are the newer ones better than the ones used at the turn of the century.
We will breed Silk moths, collect the silk, weave a sample and compare its physical properties to polyesters, wool, bamboo and cotton.


Ever wondered if Spiderman’s web could actually support his weight and if so what size would this web be? Could Superman's X-ray vision actually work without ionizing his own eyes? If Magneto could actually stop bullets then why isn’t he stuck to every fridge on the planet?

In this project, you will learn and discover the reasons why so many of the biggest names from today’s comics and movies are also top scientists, and be able to consider which super-powers break the laws of Physics, and which ones are possible.


“Are you keen on playing with LEGO for a semester? Do you want to choreograph a dance with a LEGO robot or play soccer? Then Robolab is for you. You will share a LEGO kit with a partner to build and use simple computer programming to make a robot move, play music, dance and send messages between other robots in the class. The projects include Robodance (choreographed to iPod music); Roborescue (saving a Kinder Surprise from a burning house), Robosoccer (with a special soccer ball) or even Robowarrior (battle other robots).”