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Miscellaneous Projects


Is public speaking your greatest fear? It is time to say goodbye...and turn it into your oldest friend!!

This fabulous unit will have you learning about and watching great speeches, playing speaking games and confidently writing and delivering a fantastic speech to your peers. Public speaking is one of the most important skills we can learn and one that will be useful throughout YOUR life whether at school for oral presenations or the debating team, family functions and in the workplace.

This unit guarantees that you will be well on your way to excellent speaking skills and have heaps of fun at the same time. In our friendly class we will learn about the many amazing styles of public speaking strategies for being cool, calm and charming while giving a speech and all the nuts and bolts of writing a speech that will inspire and interest your audience.

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No previous experience required!!


The community competition allows schools to showcase their human powered vehicle and demonstrate how many laps can be done around the given track in 24 hours. Schools need to demonstrate their knowledge of sustainability and fitness in this competition.

If you have an interest in energy and group competition and want to be physically fit this unit might be for you! You need to be able to use your imagination and be creative while having fun! Working in groups we learn about energy, problem solving; design concepts; letter writing; taking photos; cooking in the great outdoor; camping; sewing; human powered bike riding and fitness.

Note that a four day camp is a compulsory part of this project.


Do you want to challenge yourself in an exciting outdoor adventure? If so, “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award” is for you!!
Over the 10 weeks the class will complete the “Adventurous Journey” section of the Award where you will choose what bushwalk you want to explore and navigate your own way through it. You will work together in groups to cook your own meals, pitch a tent and sleep in the great outdoors.

Selecting this subject involves a day bushwalk and an overnight bushwalk which will cover terrain that includes lookouts, National Forest, wildlife (kangaroos, koalas, wombats etc), waterfalls and much more.

To prepare for these bushwalks you will learn how to read a map and navigate yourself through walking tracks, learn to pack and carry an overnight backpack, understand the nutritional value of a well cooked dinner using trangias (portable stoves), understand the importance of good footwear and outdoor clothing and learn how to pitch a tent without it falling down!!

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Have you ever wondered what does it take to be a successful business person?

Then go no further. Learn to develop the necessary skills and talent to begin an entrepreneurial career in business by setting your own business enterprise. What are your major strengths and personal qualities? Look at case studies of different business people and different business enterprises to determine how success is gauged.

Visit a local business and find out about how they set up their work place and how they run their business. Compare as many different types of businesses as possible to see why some are more successful than others.

What career pathway would you like to follow for the future? Come and explore some ideas and follow your dreams. Learn to identify your life-long learning pathway. What strengths have you developed? What type of person are you? What do you like to do for fun? Who are the people you most admire and why?