Year 11 Surfing Day

On the 23rd of October, the Yr 11 PE and Sport and Recreation class travelled to Smith Beach in Phillip Island to learn how to surf. After an hour and a half on the bus, we arrived at their local surf shop to put on our wetsuits, grab our surfboards and learned about the dangers of rips and currents and the importance of staying in between the red and yellow flags. We were lucky enough to have encountered such a beautiful day, where the girls were able to enjoy themselves at the beach.

Arriving onto the sand, we had several talented surf instructors teach us the basics of surfing. The instructors taught us how to enter the water with our surfboards, techniques on how to paddle and overcome an oncoming wave, and the most exciting part, standing up on the surfboard. #KillesterSpringvale🌊☀️
It was a day that many of us won’t forget!

Jacqueline Le, Year 11 Student