2021 Uniform Requirements

School Photos- Friday 29th January

Day one of school is School Photos, therefore, students must be in the correct Summer Uniform and hair must be natural in colour. Each ear must have one single, simple earring only and there is to be no obvious makeup (including Eyelash extensions or False lashes). Blazers will be required for the school photos. A Religious necklace is permitted if it is not clearly visible.

Should you choose to attend school on Friday 29th January with extreme hair colour/ style or eyelash extensions you will not be included in the school photos. 

Please note that false eyelashes or eyelash extensions will need to be removed as will any nail polish or false nails (SNS, Shellac etc) before school begins.


Student Dress Code and Uniform Requirements

Shoes: if you do not need new shoes, students may continue to wear the brown school shoes. Once you need a new pair of shoes you will need to purchase black school shoes. 

Socks and stockings: all students are required to wear the new School socks which are available from Buxwear.

Summer Uniform: White Socks (No other White socks are to be worn).

Winter Uniform: Navy Blue Socks or Stockings (No other Blue socks are to be worn).

Blazers: are to be worn to and from school as the outer garment (Optional on days of temperatures of 30 degrees plus).

Summer uniform: 

-Striped Dress (bottom of knee length)

-Monogrammed Jumper (Navy/ VCE Blue)

-White Killester socks (Long or Short option)

-Black Leather Lace-up School shoes

-Navy Hair Ribbons/ Headbands

-Navy Blazer

Winter uniform:

-Pleated Winter Skirt (bottom of knee-length)

-Killester Long Pants (optional)

-Monogrammed Jumper (Navy/ VCE Blue)


-Black Leather Lace-up School shoes

-Navy Blue Killester Long Socks or Navy Opaque Tights

-Navy Blazer

-College Rain Jacket (outerwear only and not to be worn indoors) 

-College Scarf with Crest

Pants: the College pants can be purchased at the uniform shop, they are an alternative to the winter skirt. You do not need to have both, students may choose to wear the pants or the winter skirt with the winter uniform. 

PE Uniform: Students are permitted to come to and from school in their PE uniform on the days where they have timetabled PE lessons. The school jumper or blazer are not to be worn with the PE uniform. 

-Killester Polo Top

-Sports shoes

-White sports socks

-Killester Rugby Top

-Navy Killester Trackpants

-Navy Killester Shorts

-Navy Killester Cap


-Piercings other than one set of earrings are not permitted. Plastic spacers and band aids are not an acceptable alternative. 

-Jewellery is not to be worn with the exception of a wrist watch and one pair or small earrings (studs or sleepers).

Any inappropriate item of Jewellery will be confiscated and returned by the SDL at the end of the day. Any subsequent offence, the item will be confiscated for a longer period of time. 

Make-up & Nail Polish: 

-Make up and eyelash extensions/ false eyelashes are not to be worn. 

-Nail polish, acrylic nails (SNS, Shellac etc) are not permitted.


Blazers are compulsory for all year levels (optional on forecast temperatures of 30 degrees plus)

-T-shirts/ under garments are not to be visible under uniform

-No tights/ pantihose to be worn with Summer Uniform

-Hair should be tied back for PE/ Home Eco/ Science/ Art & Textiles classes to ensure safety

-Students are NOT to carry their school bags to classes with them. They should remain in their lockers throughout the day.