Alumni Career Snapshot – Laura Deegan

Meet Dr. Laura Deegan one of our 2009 graduates, and now Clinical Psychologist. Here’s some advice she had for our Killester girls, and what she had to say about studying psychology.

What subjects did you study in Year 12?

English, Maths Methods, Psychology, Italian, P.E.

What are some of the roles you have held in your career?

Community Corrections Officer, Researcher, Allied Health Assistant, Psychologist

What path did you take to get to where you are now?

After finishing Year 12, I studied a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences at Deakin University. After that, I completed my Honours in Psychology and then a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. 7 years of full-time study in total but overall, I enjoyed my time as a uni student and met people that I’m still friends with today.

Who inspired you to get where you are?

Women outnumber men in psychology, and there are a number of inspiring women who I’ve looked up to along the way. I’ve worked with women that are determined, self-reliant, and have overcome any challenges that come their way.

What do you love most about what you do?

I work with adolescents who are diagnosed with mental illnesses. Adolescence can be a really tricky period in a person’s life, and living with a mental illness on top of that can be even trickier. I love that my work involves supporting young people through that tough period, listening to what’s going on for them and seeing if there are ways (big or small) that I can help.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Completing my doctoral thesis in Clinical Psychology. It was a big research project and took 3 years to complete, but I did it!

What has been the most challenging thing about your career?

Probably finding the area of psychology that I want to work in. It’s quite a big field with lots of options. I was interested in forensic psychology and then couples counselling, but eventually, I found my feet working with adolescents.

What have been some career highlights?

After I completed my thesis, my research was published in scientific journals. I also went overseas to talk about my research at 2 conferences. Public speaking at international conferences was absolutely nerve-wracking, but it felt good to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Do you have anything special that you remember about your time at Killester College?

The days that I remember the most are the Brigidine days, dressing up, and having a bit of fun with friends.

Do you have any words of wisdom/advice for our Killester Girls?

Even if you doubt that it will work out, try it anyway. You never know.