Alumni Career Snapshot – Tori Hobbs

This week we are profiling Tori Hobbs who went on to study to become a Registered Nurse after graduating from Killester College.

My Education 

VCE: Biology, Health and Human Development, Literature, Global Politics, Mathematics – Further, History, Religion and Society

TAFE: Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse) – Holmesglen TAFE

UNI: Bachelor of Nursing (Registered Nurse) – Monash University

My Career Pathway and Personal Journey

I’m a Registered Nurse – I’ve previously worked as an Enrolled Nurse and Personal Care Assistant. During my time in VCE I applied myself as best as I could, but I struggled with SACs and exams. I’d feel confident whilst studying at home, but the minute it came time to sit for my assessment my mind went blank, and anxiety took over. I didn’t know it then, but in my adulthood I went on to discover I had an anxiety disorder. Because of this when I completed VCE I didn’t quite get the ATAR I needed to go straight into university like all of my friends.

After getting my ATAR results I researched the different career paths I could pursue. With the realisation of the roadblocks that stood in my way during VCE I made it my goal to understand how to effectively learn and manage my mental health before starting further study. I quickly caught on to the most effective ways I learn – and I passed all my TAFE exams with flying colours! Throughout my TAFE course I worked as a Personal Care Assistant in aged care and rehabilitation hospitals, it was a great way to practice my foundation nursing skills and knowledge. I then went on to practice as an Enrolled Nurse whilst I studied to become a Registered Nurse.

One of my career highlights so far has been during the last few months. I work primarily in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit of a major public hospital in Canberra, so I’ve been on the frontlines during this pandemic. It has been an eye-opening, challenging and rewarding experience to deliver care to people during a time of such uncertainty. We have our ups and downs everyday, but I feel very thankful to be supported by so many knowledgeable and kind co-workers. Even though there were hurdles along the way I’m proud of the journey I’ve taken to get where I am today, and I feel lucky to be part of an industry as integral to the community as this.

Highlights and Challenges of Being a Registered Nurse

  • Nursing is a profession that allows for freedom to travel!
  • There are many areas you can specialise in.
  • It’s an incredibly rewarding job
  • It’s easy to feel out of your depth, but one of the great things about nursing is that your co-workers are always ready to offer support and advise.
  • Dealing with death and loss can be a very difficult.
  • Nurses deal with violence and aggression from patients, it can be difficult to deal with but is manageable with appropriate training and support.

Advice for Killester Girls

I’m glad to be one of the many people who’s able to do their bit to help people in need. Nursing provides you with tools you can apply inside and outside of the workplace. I’ve been able to pursue local community activism, I’ve even cofounded a community organisation with another former Killester student (The Vermilion Project – check us out on Facebook!). If you think you have what it takes to be a nurse, go for it! Nursing courses offer placements and job opportunities which allow you to test the waters and see if nursing is right for you. Some days you accompany parents as they bring new life into the world, and some days you accompany people during their last few moments, but everyday we do our best to provide care, comfort and understanding to people and put a smile on their face irrespective of what’s going on around them.