Alumni Career Snapshot – Vicki Macdermid

We’d like to introduce you to Vick Macdermid a Killester graduate from the class of 1975. Vicki is a Thought Leader, Speaker and Creator of The Power Quotient, a model for mapping and achieving extraordinary potential for leaders and their teams. Here’s her full interview:

What subjects did you study in Year 12?

English, Australian History, General Maths, Legal Studies, Politics

What are some of the roles you have held in your career?

Group Accountant for manufacturing company, Senior Partner at Pitcher Partners, Chair Inclusion & Diversity Committee, Superannuation Fund Board Member & Chair, Charity Boards

What path did you take to get to where you are now?

  • Studied Accounting part-time for two years and then completed my Bachelor’s Degree full time 
  • Took a graduate accountant position with what was then Hungefords which subsequently merged with what became KPMG and a demerger in 1991 when Pitcher Partners was formed
  • Held various roles in the firm and worked in different areas
  • Became a partner in 2001 and retired as a partner in 2020
  • Completed many post-grad studies including Applied Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a research paper “What Horses Teach us about Leadership”
  • Created a leadership program based on my studies for groups and teams incorporating workshops co-facilitated by horses
  • Completed ICF PCC Coaching certification in 2019
  • Currently studying for certification in Positive Intelligence

Who inspired you to get where you are?

Not one person in particular but many for different reasons:

  • my mother who was widowed at age 39 with 6 kids who always worked very hard
  • my uncle who ALWAYS believed in me 
  • many of the partners and others I worked with as a young accountant
  • people I have met through horses 
  • the horses I have met, particularly Macca

What do you love most about what you do?

I get to witness the transformation of potential to power through people interacting with the horses, and each other, in ways that are transformative – I help them make magic.

What are you most proud of in your career?

  • Even when feeling as if I were a voice in the wilderness, I persisted 
  • Creating a path for others & being a source of wisdom
  • Assisting and supporting many younger staff (some now partners) in their career journey
  • First female to qualify as CA while with the firm (Hungerfords)
  • First to take maternity leave
  • First to work part-time
  • First female of the firm to be promoted to partner (Pitcher Partners)
  • Delivering a TEDx on Connection and Intention Through Horse Power in 2019

What has been the most challenging thing about your career?

Often loneliness in gender and approach. I wear my heart on my sleeve and express my views, which, at times, did not serve me. I was also responsible for keeping our house running while working full time which was hugely challenging.

What have been some career highlights?

Being the sponsoring partner for the admission of a new partner in 2017.

Do you have anything special that you remember about your time at Killester College?

To be honest, my friends and I were rather mischievous at school. I have many happy memories of what my close friends and I got up to while at Killester.  At a school reunion, maybe 15 years ago, Sr Anne greeted me with “Have you broken anything yet Vicki?” :). 


Do you have any words of wisdom/advice for our Killester Girls?

Make Magic Happen – we all can and we all should.