Annual Report to the School Community

 The landscape of 2020 changed dramatically from the start of the year to the end as we saw the unprecedented impact of the global pandemic. As the year progressed and the shifting sands of 2020 continued to move, we remained firmly focused on our core values and at all times ensured our decision making was informed by our mission.

The College theme for 2020 was Justice: Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Just. This theme was perfect in the year of the pandemic as it very clearly highlighted for our entire community the way we would operate. The Leadership Team was proud to have the support of the students, teaching staff and parents in our decisionmaking process as we focused on the best ways to meet the needs of our families. In many instances 2020 provided us with the platform to think outside the square and trial new and innovative ways of learning and teaching. One particular innovation, Passion Projects, was met with such enthusiasm and success that the decision has been made to look at how this can be incorporated into the learning of students for 2021 and beyond.

Many of the College events moved to online platforms or were reinvented so that students still remained focused on what they had rather than what they were missing. Interestingly some events, such as parent teacher learning conversations, were more widely attended and will now remain online.

Being online meant our focus on Child Safety shifted to the online space and again decisions were made and policies created that demonstrated agility and inventiveness.The College underwent a successful Child Safe Review during the year conducted by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and were proud of the results which showed an outstanding commitment to contemporary Child Safe practices and policies.

Killester College Catholic College for Girls