Learning Diversity and Inclusion

Killester College is committed to an inclusive learning environment that values diversity and meets the needs of all students. The Learning Diversity Team is responsible for accurately identifying student needs and ensuring support is matched to the needs of the student.

We work collaboratively with the Wellbeing Team, Student Development Leaders, Transition Team and others to accurately identify the learning needs of students as they transition to the Killester community. This is done through pre entry testing and extensive visits and conversations with feeder primary schools and parents before the students start their journey at Killester.

To support our students we offer the following services:

    • Personalised Learning Plans
    • Regular Program Support Group meetings to monitor and review progress
    • Study Enhancement classes for Years 7–10
    • One-on-one support with a Learning Support Officer
    • Learning Hub – senior student study assistance
    • BOOST – after school study assistance on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Diagnostic assessments 
    • MACS visiting teachers program
    • Professional development and information for staff
    • Coordinating external supports such as physiotherapy.

The Learning Diversity Team ensures that all our students are supported to access the curriculum on the same basis as their peers and all students experience success. 

For further information, please contact the Leader of Learning and Inclusivity.


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Killester College Catholic College for Girls
Killester College Catholic College for Girls