History and Tradition

Killester College, a Catholic Secondary School for girls, was founded in 1955 by the Brigidine Sisters.

The Sisters established the school in response to the needs of the growing migrant population in the Springvale area post World War 2. The area has always been diverse in its ethnicity, which is reflected in the school’s rich multi-cultural environment.

The traditions of the school are founded in the qualities of our patron, Saint Brigid, and expressed in the school motto, Strength and Kindliness. As a community, we try to show strength and kindliness in our relationships with each other. As a Catholic school, we aspire to the calling of the Gospels to build a community where all are welcomed and valued.

In 2014 the Brigidine Sisters transferred governance of their school to Kildare Ministries, a newly formed organisation which will support schools into the future. Kildare Ministries has developed a set of values on which all its schools and community works strive towards. These are based on – wonder, courage, hospitality, hope, compassion and justice.

“A community where all are welcomed and valued”

Religious Education

Enrolment at Killester College is an invitation to ‘come and see’. An education offered in the Catholic tradition that links us to our Brigidine heritage taking our inspiration from the person of Jesus Christ with an appreciation of other faiths and cultures. It has a vision with its roots in an ancient tradition yet open to new expressions and structures that arise in response to new needs in our world.

The school offers both formal and informal opportunities for expressing faith. We strive to bear witness to gospel values through our day-to-day responses to school experiences, interaction and relationships.

The Religious Education Program offers students, irrespective of their understanding or belief, the potential to be engaged in meaningful ways in learning about faith and spirituality. Values, scripture, prayer and liturgy in the Catholic tradition permeate the life of the school.

We aim to develop young people who understand and appreciate religious values, who are positive about life, who have a sense of their own worth and of their contribution to the world.

Curriculum Statement

Killester College aims to offer educational experiences that develop creativity, initiative and a love for learning.

The curriculum aims to provide a broad education to assist each student in understanding the world in which they live. Underlying our curriculum is an approach by teachers to explicitly develop in our students: engagement, assertiveness and resilience, and to promote an awareness of gender issues and personal spirituality.

The following Learning Principles are fundamental to classroom practice:

• Learning is rigorous

• Learning develops the whole person

• Learning is student centred and active

• Learning is transferable

• Learning is visible

• Learning is reflective

• Learning is optimised in safe environments

“Learning develops the whole person”


Foundation Years Years 7 & 8

At Killester, we believe it is important to understand how a child experiences primary school.

In order to plan for a successful transition into secondary school, there are strong links with a number of local primary schools, including a shared understanding regarding curriculum, the needs of adolescents, cross-age curriculum activities and shared resources. Our transition program is extensive and well developed. It underpins our foundation curriculum programs.

The broad goals of the Year 7 program are to:

• raise the standard of literacy, numeracy and the quality of output for all students in all subjects.

• ensure that we support all students in all subjects in order to help them to close the gap on key skills and knowledge required.

• engage and enrich learning and begin to develop an understanding in students of how they best learn.

The broad goals of the Year 8 program are to:

• consolidate the foundations of Year 7 learning and understanding and move students beyond their learning comfort levels.

• offer challenges to develop higher order thinking, creative and critical thinking, increased standards and a sense of self worth through learning about themselves and the world in which they live.


Independent Learning Year 9

At Year 9 students experience a year of challenge and awakened awareness of their role in their own learning.

The broad goals of the Year 9 program are that:

• our students become more engaged in their learning – in learning which is relevant and empowering.

• students take more responsibility for their own learning.

• the curriculum which is taught is academically rigorous.

• the emphasis will be on student learning, rather than on the teacher teaching.

• students develop their ability to make informed choices about what and how they best learn.

• the curriculum should be differentiated as much

as possible to bring out every student’s potential.

• digital technology would be used to a large extent in enabling and empowering student learning.


The Pathway Years

Years 10, 11 & 12

The Pathways Years are underpinned by the ideals of:

• flexibility

• options

• diversity

• success

Killester supports all students to select a Pathway that best suits their interests and abilities therefore their learning becomes more purposeful and future focussed. Pathways planning aims to broaden each student’s options through the making of informed choices. This involves:

• consultation and a conversation with significant people in the student’s life

• research into Pathways options

• realistic assessment of strengths

• recognition of each student’s likes and wants

In Year 10 the World of Work is explored through Work Education week and Work Experience. The curriculum begins to offer more choices and students can undertake a VCE or VET subject while a range of electives begin to specifically introduce more specialised subjects leading to Years 11 and 12.

Pathways are mapped out in a one-on-one interview with the Careers Coordinator and each student is assisted to choose her VCE or VCAL subjects for her final secondary years. Killester encourages parents to participate and to take an active role in their daughter’s Pathway selection, by providing current information. The curriculum emphasises a strong link between independent learning, skill and knowledge awareness and requirements pertaining to the VCE or VCAL Pathways.

At Year 11 students are individually encouraged to recognise their learning strengths and preferences. There are opportunities also available for students to select a Vocational Education and Training (VETiS) course, offered either at Killester or with an external provider. A key feature of a VETiS program is it enhances and develops a student’s interests that allows for learning to take place in a variety of environments.

Killester also works in a Partnership Program with Tertiary Institutions to provide ongoing opportunities to gain experience and broaden students’ knowledge of post secondary possibilities.

Killester encourages the pursuit of a diverse range of Pathways so that all students have a smooth transition to life beyond Killester.

At Year 12 students are supported with the higher demands of subject knowledge and skills, time management and prioritising. Advisory teachers and subject teachers work closely with individual students to offer a variety of delivery modes that best suit individual student learning and pathway needs.


Student Services

Learning Support

Killester’s focus is the support of the whole individual. The learning needs of each student is catered for by a dedicated team of teachers who use best practice to support each student.

Our Learning Support program focusses on

developing each student individually in a caring and supportive environment.

Each student’s learning needs are carefully assessed and individualised support is provided in a range of ways from in class support and a homework program to individualised programs.

Student progress is communicated to parents on a regular basis and goals are set in place for the future.

Parents are welcome to contact the Learning Support Co-ordinator if they are concerned about their daughter’s learning.

Student Services


We believe education is ‘person-centred’ and that all young people can learn.

It is crucial that they can experience success, feel valued and experience a sense of belonging to the school community. Trusting and supportive relationships between students, parents and staff are essential for this.

At the centre of our Pastoral Care Program are our Homeroom Teachers, who support our students through daily interaction and activities that seek to develop our students’ social and emotional capabilities.

“Trusting and supportive relationships”

Student Leadership

At Killester our student leadership program is based on the ‘service leadership model’ found in the Gospels.

Leadership should draw students outward, inviting them to look not just at their own needs but at those in the immediate, national and global communities. Students are encouraged to be active members of the school community by their involvement in the many extra-curricular and cross-age activities available to them during and after school hours.

Student leadership is offered at all year levels, with opportunities for Year 7-12 students for elected membership of the following Committees:

• Student Council Committee

• Community Service Committee

• Celebrations Committee

• Sports Committee

• Arts Committee

• Peer Support – Year 10 students conducting support activities for Year 7 students

• Participation and Leadership (PAL) Program – Lunchtime extra-curricular activities conducted by Year 12 students

• Justice and Democracy Program – Centred on Social Justice issues

• St Vincent de Paul Committee – Support for those in our community.

Extension Activities

At Killester College we aim to enrich, extend and deepen student learning through a diverse range of activities and opportunities across all learning areas:


• Theatre visits – internal and external

• Gallery and Exhibition excursions

• Biennial School Production

• Biennial Arts and Technology show

• Music Soirees

• Music Extravaganzas

• Music lunchtime showcases

• Instrumental Music

• Music camp

• Choirs

• Bands

• Theatresports competitions


• Visiting writers

• In school performances

• Debating

• Public speaking competitions and events

• Book club

Health and Physical Education

• Outdoor Education project – Year 9

• Wide range of Interschool Sports

• Rally Days – Year 7-8

• Outdoor Activity Day – Year 8

• Self defence training

• Fitness programs


• Wide ranging and extensive excursion and incursion program

• Politics club

• Canberra Camp – Year 11


• Languages activity and awareness week

• Languages camps

• Visiting first language speakers program – Year 12

• Cultural dances of the world

• International Language Perfect Competition


• National Maths Competition


• International Science Perfect Competition

• National Chemistry Quiz

• STEM group

• Science Week

• RACV Energy Breakthrough

Religious Education

• Wallara visits – Year 8

• School Community Partnerships – Year 9

• Building Bridges – Year 10

• Retreat – Year 12

• Justice and Democracy

• St Vincent De Paul

• Joey’s Van – Year 12


• Maker Space

• Coding club

• Hospitality and Catering for school events

• Hospitality venue visits

• Fashion week events

• Biennial Arts and Technology show

We welcome young people and their families to be part of a community that will respect, support and challenge us to grow and to contribute to making a better world.

Killester College seeks to create a dynamic learning environment which provides a strong, progressive education in the Catholic tradition, preparing students to successfully navigate and contribute to the ongoing and emerging needs of our world.

Inspired by rich heritages of St Brigid and Bishop Daniel Delany, and immersed in Gospel values, we seek to shape young women of Strength and Kindliness who have courage and are generous of heart.


433 Springvale Road, Springvale 3171

P 9547 5000

F 9547 6621