Extension Activities

A range of extra programmes are offered to students each year. These may vary according to interest. Below is a list of those currently available.

At Killester College we aim to enrich, extend and deepen student learning through a diverse range of activities and opportunities across all learning areas.


  • Theatre visits – internal and external
  • Gallery and Exhibition excursions
  • Biennial School Production
  • Biennial Arts and Technology show
  • Music Soirees
  • Music Concerts
  • Jazz Nights
  • Music Ensembles
  • Cultural Ensembles
  • Music lunchtime showcases
  • Instrumental Music
  • Music camp
  • Theatresports competitions


  • Visiting writers
  • In school performances
  • Debating
  • Public speaking competitions and events
  • Book club

Health and Physical Education

  • Outdoor Education project – Year 9
  • Wide range of Interschool Sports
  • Rally Days – Year 7-8
  • Outdoor Activity Day – Year 8
  • Self defence training
  • Fitness programs


  • Wide ranging and extensive excursion and incursion program
  • Politics club
  • Market Week
  • Business Tycoon Project
  • Canberra Camp – Year 11


  • Languages activity and awareness week
  • Languages camps
  • Visiting first language speakers program – Year 12
  • Cultural dances of the world
  • International Language Perfect Competition


  • National Maths Competition


  • International Science Perfect Competition
  • National Chemistry Quiz
  • STEM group
  • Science Week

Religious Education

  • Project Compassion – Year 9
  • Building Bridges – Year 10
  • The Big Issue – Year 11
  • Retreat – Year 12
  • Joey’s Van – Year 12
  • St Kilda Mums
  • Volunteering at St Josheph’s Primary – Year 12
  • Justice and Democracy Committe
  • St Vincent De Paul Committee


  • Hospitality and Catering for school events
  • Hospitality venue visits
  • Fashion week events
  • Biennial Arts and Technology show
  • Human Powered Vehicle


  • Tutoring Primary students
  • Monash tutor program
  • Kryptic Challenge
  • Brigidine Day
  • PAL
  • Drop-in Centre
  • Homework Club


  • Marker Space
  • Anime Club

Music at Killester

Every student at Killester has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in either Year 7 or Year 8. The girls can choose between the following instruments – flute, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet, trumpet, euphonium, trombone, and percussion. Each student is provided with an instrument. Extra teachers are employed to help the classroom teacher so that the girls can be taught in small groups. The girls learn to read music as well as play by ear and compose pieces. They cover theory and aural skills that help them to progress on their instrument. Each week they have small group lessons and then come together to play as a band. At the end of each semester the girls perform at the Music Extravaganza, held at Monash University. This gives them the chance to show off their skills to their parents and watch the more advanced musicians perform.

Teaching & Learning