Health & Physical Education

The importance of being physically active is well documented and through our Physical Education program we aim to promote life long activity habits in our students.

Involvement in Physical activity benefits students physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Physical Education classes aim to increase students overall health by strengthening bones and muscles, increasing cardiovascular function and overall fitness levels

Students learn skills in various sports and activities through a variety of drills and game play activities. It is through this activity that we aim for students to increase their own health, self esteem, relationships and to develop student’s skills in decision making, positive risk taking and to promote active lifestyles.

As part of Physical Education classes we offer theory lessons to teach students many topics on health, safety, mental health, anatomy, first aid and much more.

Physical Education is compulsory at Killester from Year 7-10 and students may also select electives at year 9 in Dance styles, Outdoor Education, Sport and Recreation and Personal development.

We offer VCE Physical Education and Health and Human Development at year 11 and 12 and also Certificate 3 in Sport and Recreation.


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