“Why do we teach Mathematics in school? What do we want students to learn?”

The most common responses to these questions are

  • for its own sake because it is a beautiful and amazing human accomplishment;
  • to be prepared for university and future careers, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields
  • to develop conceptual understanding and problem solving
  • to engage in reasoning and argumentation
  • to develop rational and logical thought (which is required in many areas of life)
  • to practise high levels of cognition which is beneficial to an individual in many ways

It is also important that students see the role of mathematics in their daily lives, their community practices, and their cultural backgrounds.

At Killester College, students study a common core of Mathematics from Year 7 through to Year 10. One class at Year 10 is offered as an Enrichment class, where the students complete sections of the 10A course and focus on problem solving at a deeper level.

The main cohort complete a common Semester 1, Year 10 course.

At the beginning of Semester 2, the students select a maths subject, which will best prepare them for VCE Mathematics.

All of the VCE Mathematics subjects are offered in Units 1 – 4: Maths Methods, General Maths Further and Further Maths, General Maths Specialist and Specialist Maths.



Learning Areas