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In Religious Education we aim to create a school community, which is clearly based on the values of Jesus. In the Brigidine Tradition, we offer educational experiences that develop students spiritual journey along with creativity, initiative and a love for learning. An important part of Religious Education is our invitation to ‘come and see’ an education offered in the Catholic tradition, however with an appreciation of other faiths and cultures.

The Religious Education curriculum offers students, irrespective of their understanding or belief, the potential to be engaged in meaningful ways in learning about faith and spirituality. Values, scripture, prayer and liturgy permeate the life of the school. We aim to develop young people who understand and appreciate religious values, who are positive about life, who have a sense of their own worth and of their contribution to the world. At the core of the Religious Education curriculum at Killester College is the priority to ensure students are making real-world connections and realising how faith can be put into practice; to become the eyes, ears, and hands of Jesus Christ.


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