The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a senior secondary qualification that has been designed to increase the pathways for young people in Year 11 and 12. VCAL focuses on “hands on learning”. It gives young people practical work-related experience, as well as literacy and numeracy skills and the opportunity to build personal and work skills that are important for life and work. Students who do VCAL are more likely to be interested in going on to training at TAFE, doing an apprenticeship, or getting a job after completing Year 12. The flexibility of the VCAL enables students to design a study programme that suits their interests, strengths and learning needs so that students leave school with a Certificate from TAFE, VCAL Certificate and experience in their chosen field. There is still a tertiary pathway available through the VCAL program.


The VCAL is made up of accredited courses and certificates. There are 4 compulsory strands:

1. Numeracy, Literacy and Oracy
2. Work Related Skills
3. Personal Development Skills
4. Industry Specific Skills

A range of assessment methods may be used including student demonstration, teacher observation, peer and self-assessment inventories, portfolios, written text, debates, participation in incursions, excursions, camps and other activities.



2. VCAA: VCAL – the hands-on option for Year 11 and 12 students