Resource Centre

The Killester College library offers a welcoming, caring and user-centred environment.The library aims to provide a modern multimedia resource centre and an inclusive learning environment which is central to the school culture.

As an integral part of the learning community, the library enriches the learning and teaching outcomes by collaborating with teachers to provide resource-based and student-centred learning. We strive to develop information literate students by supporting an information literate college community.

We aim to offer opportunities for all students to take responsibility for their own learning, encouraging them to reach their full individual potential.

The Killester library provides a wide range of relevant, contemporary resources, services and technologies to support the students learning experiences.

The library works to empower students in becoming independent learners by recognizing and valuing each individual as a lifelong learner. We support the development of independent learning skills and encourage students to be critical and innovative users of information.

The Reading Room provides a cosy, informal venue for many literature enrichment activities, such as book trailers and book talks. We foster a love and enjoyment of reading in all its forms by canvassing our students for the literature that most appeals and ensuring a diverse range is available to enrich their reading experiences.

The library is open all day from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm.

Teaching & Learning