Values, Mission & Vision Statements

Values Statement

As a member of Kildare Education Ministries, we value:

WONDER, celebrating all that is good with joy and gratitude
COURAGE, speaking and acting with integrity
HOSPITALITY, welcoming all
HOPE, bringing a sense of purpose
COMPASSION, walking with and having empathy for all
JUSTICE, making the needs of the vulnerable paramount


Mission Statement

Killester College seeks to create a dynamic learning environment which provides a strong, progressive education in the Catholic tradition, preparing students to successfully navigate and contribute to the ongoing and emerging needs of our world. Inspired by rich heritages of St Brigid and Bishop Daniel Delany, and immersed in Gospel values, we seek to shape students of Strength and Kindliness who have courage and are generous of heart.

Vision Statement

Based on the teachings of the Gospels, our vision is to create a learning community where everyone is welcomed, valued and can experience success. We want our students to engage in the challenge and excitement of learning. When students leave Killester College we hope they will embrace the core values of Kildare Ministries: wonder, courage, hospitality, hope, compassion and justice.


Our vision is that our students will be:

  • spiritually enriched with values based on Gospel teachings
  • life-long learners who strive for personal excellence, develop curiosity and can think critically and creatively
  • team players who can learn collaboratively and cooperatively with others
  • prepared for pathways post school, possessing the necessary skills in literacy, numeracy and technology to be successful
  • responsible and ethical citizens, who make positive contributions to their local and global environments
  • confident and respectful in their interactions with others and resilient when confronted with difficult situations
  • able to celebrate one another’s differences and individual worth
  • self-disciplined and adaptable
  • able to value enthusiasm, joy, simplicity and humility.
Killester College Catholic College for Girls

Killester College is committed to the principles of a liberal democracy.

  • We believe in an accountable, democratically elected government
  • We respect and observe the rule of law, and believe that no person is above the law
  • We believe in equal rights for all before the law, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender or other attributes
  • We believe not only in the freedom of religion, but also the need to practice tolerance and understanding of others’ beliefs
  • We believe in the value of freedom of speech and freedom of association, but also acknowledge that we have the responsibility not to abuse this freedom
  • We believe in the values of openness and tolerance, and value and respect all members of the school community regardless of background.
Nine Values of Australian Schooling
Killester College Catholic College for Girls