Programs catering to student well-being and development are based on a whole school approach. Year level teams consisting of the Year Level Leader and Homeroom teachers develop a range of pastoral care lessons based on the particular needs of the year level:

    • Year 7 – Transition
    • Year 8 – Self Image
    • Year 9 – Exploring Independence
    • Year 10 – Decision Making/Safe Partying
    • Year 11 – Decision Making/Drugs and Alcohol, Driving
    • Year 12 – Relationships

Pastoral Care lessons are supplemented with a seminar/personal development day based on the above themes incorporating involvement from local community agencies. The development of social and emotional learning capabilities such as organisation, self-awareness, social awareness, self management, responsible decision making and relationship skills are the focus of pastoral care lessons and activities.

There are a number of programs that seek to develop leadership skills, connectedness and resilience:


Year 7 and 10 Peer Support Program

Year 10 leaders are trained to deliver a range of transition activities to the Year 7 students over a 10 week period.


Student Leadership

Students from Years 7–12 have the opportunity to experience leadership and be the voice of their year level. Elections are held every year for representatives of our five committees:

    • Arts & Celebrations Committee
    • Social Justice & Sustainability
    • Student Council Leaders
    • Justice & Democracy Leaders
    • VM Leaders
    • VCE Music Leaders
    • Sports Leaders

As well as the four houses:

    • Romero
    • Brigid
    • Chisholm
    • McKillop

Each of these committees and houses meet once per week to plan events in their specific area.


Counselling Team

We have a team of Counsellors and Psychologists at the college who can work with these students who need extra support.

Meet SCOUT our Therapy dog.

Killester College Catholic College for Girls
Killester College Catholic College for Girls
Killester College Catholic College for Girls
Killester College Catholic College for Girls